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Zoos SA

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Design Development

Adelaide, South Australia

This development proposes to extinguish a commercial land use on the site and construct a medium to high,8-storey residential fl at building, capitalising on views to the southern Park Lands and the southern Adelaide Hills Face beyond. The development will deliver high-quality, spacious city living apartments to the Adelaide CBD at a location where residential development is envisaged.

The red brick element to the south-east clearly demarcates the entry point whilst referencing the heritage fabric to the west and the scale of the adjacent build form to the east. The hit and miss brick work allows ventilation to the car park without diminishing the streetscape presence of this element. The building entry is additionally recessed to provide incidental pedestrian shelter and an interstitial space for residents to greet guests.

The built form comprises a series of undulating horizontal bands that form balconies and shadow lines providing sculptural articulation to the upper levels. The podium, by contrast is vertically attenuated by screening and column elements. The upper levels are vertically segmented by recessed elements central to the east and west facades.

The building in and of itself is considered to be a piece of understated art, adding a striking addition to the south Adelaide skyline.