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Zoos SA

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Adelaide, South Australia

This Gateway project represents the connection of people to the environment through education and history. At the centre of the project is the heart: a gathering point referencing both traditional African and indigenous habitation. The heart acts as the communal space before introducing visitors to their journey into Wild Africa, providing protection from the harsh weather conditions while offering small glimpses to the vast surrounds. This celebration of arrival builds anticipation for the imminent experience.

The built form is divided into two distinct elements. The convergence of the curved ribbons represents the intertwining of indigenous and African cultures embodying the inherent connection with the land, plants and animals. The iconic, yet implicit, expression of the forms invite engagement, interpretation and discussion by visitors.

The design reflects an understanding that conservation starts with a humanity that has an appreciation of nature and is enhanced out of their visceral experience. The gateway representation provides an iconic and memorable transitional experience from Australia to Africa. Each visitor is to leave as an ambassador of the Monarto Safari Park.

A place that connects people with wildlife to support their ongoing protection.